Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Is it right for you?

When used correctly, credit cards can be a great tool. If you have a line of credit at your disposal you can take advantage of deals, discounts, and special offers even if you don’t have all the resources to handle the purchase price up front.

The problem is that the same thing that makes credit cards empowering also makes them dangerous. It is both easy and alluring to run up a ton of credit card debt. And once it begins to mount, it is hard to start paying the debt down.

People in this situation often turn to credit card consolidation. This promises a simple solution and makes a lot of appealing promises. But the truth is that credit card consolidation is not the best way to resolve credit card debt. And in many cases, it can even make the problem worse.

Understanding what Credit Card Consolidation Really is

Debt relief providers sell you on the idea that credit card consolidation is the smart and sensible way to get out of debt. By repackaging all your loans into one, you can lower your monthly payments and your interest rates at the same time. Sounds like a win-win, right?

But if you carefully dive into the numbers, credit card consolidation proves to be an empty promise. You may pay less now, but you will have to pay it for longer. As a result, you commit to thousands of dollars of more debt. In other words, you sacrifice your long-term financial health for some temporary relief.

Another problem with credit card consolidation is that it does nothing to address the debt itself. You still owe the same amount of money, and you have not put yourself in a position to make smarter financial decisions. That is why many people who rely on credit card consolidation see their debt only continue to climb.

The appeal of credit card consolidation is strong. But all it really does is put your debt in a shiny new package. It is not a solution to your financial problems – it is a postponement. In many cases, it simply asks you to pay for false hope and deeper problems.

Alternatives from Good Credit For Life

Instead of putting your faith in credit card consolidation, commit to a plan that can impact your debt in a positive way. At Good Credit For Life, we work with clients like you to find effective and affordable ways to eliminate credit problems.

We start by eliminating mistakes on your credit report and working with the lending agencies to get damaging information taken off your record. This way you don’t have a reputation as a risky borrower and fall prey to the riskiest credit offers.

Next, we work with our clients to develop a plan for credit repair. Once that plan is in action, we offer monitoring and managing services to help keep you on the path towards progress. We do not offer the same flash-in-the-pan solutions as credit card consolidation companies. We do offer proven solutions that work. Here are some of the reasons to partner with Good Credit For Life:

  • Honest and Accurate Pricing – You pay upfront and are not subjected to hidden fees or ongoing costs. Unlike credit card consolidation, we don’t charge you more over the long term.
  • Solutions for Your Problems – We work closely with you to develop a plan of action that is specifically designed to address your individual issues with your credit.
  • Commitment to the End – Rather than having to seek out multiple service providers, you can rely on us to provide all the information and assistance you need as you address your debt.
  • Results as Fast as Possible – Leverage our experience and expertise with credit repair to help you start overcoming hurdles in a fraction of the time and with a lot less hassle.
  • Always Ethical Practices – Credit card consolidation prays on unwitting consumers. Our commitment to ethical practices compels us to offer you real solutions to make lasting progress.

No matter what solution you seek out, credit card consolidation should be avoided at all costs. To find out about the best alternatives at your disposal, have a consultation with the team at Good Credit For Life.