Credit Consolidation Alternatives

Don’t go deeper into debt

If you are struggling with debt, you have probably considered credit consolidation. You see ads all the times for companies promising that credit consolidation can solve all your problems. Plus, they allege, that you will get your credit issues under control overnight.

If credit consolidation seems like an option that is too good to be true, your evaluation is correct! Despite all the excited claims, credit consolidation is not the easy solution that many suggest it is. In addition, there are circumstances in which it will worsen your credit problems.

If you are serious about taking control of your financial future, you need to consider all solutions carefully. The wrong ones will simply waste your money while offering you an abundance of false hope. The right ones, however, can turn your obstacles into opportunities. Rely on the team at Good Credit For Life to connect you with the smartest solutions that will address your credit needs permanently.

The Truth about Credit Consolidation

On the surface, credit consolidation sounds like a great idea. You roll all your debt into one package and pay a lower monthly payment overall. But when you dive into the details and start looking at the real consequences of credit consolidation, the opportunity quickly starts to lose some of its luster. Before you commit to credit consolidation, consider what could happen if you do:

  • You Go Deeper Into Debt – Credit consolidation may make it easier to pay your monthly bills, but it does nothing to correct the issues that got you into debt in the first place. Estimates show that around 70% of people who choose credit consolidation end up with more debt. Do not think of this as a cure-all.
  • You Pay More than Necessary – The dirty secret that the credit consolidation industry does not want you to know is that most borrowers can handle credit consolidation on their own. You are basically just paying a middle man, and you may be getting very little in return. If you want to get the most value for your investment, credit consolidation is not the best choice.
  • You Pay More in Interest – When you lower your monthly payments you extend the duration of your loan. As a result, you pay interest for a greater number of months. The short-term benefits may be enticing. But over the long term, credit consolidation will force you to pay a lot more to your lender.
  • You May Lose Your Home – Some credit consolidation companies require you to put down collateral. And in many cases, that means the deed to your home. If things do not go as planned and financial troubles strike again, you could end up losing your house. It’s a gamble you will want to consider carefully before pursuing.

Why Choose Good Credit For Life?

We understand how enticing credit consolidation can be. We also understand how much trouble this strategy can create. That is why we offer a better way for people struggling with debt to get their situation back under control.

We offer a number of credit repair services that can open up lines of credit and erase the kinds of mistakes that haunt borrowers for life. We also offer credit monitoring and borrower education resources to help ensure you avoid credit problems moving forward.

In addition to offering a service that is more effective than credit consolidation, we offer our clients a level of commitment and care that is rare in the industry. Here are some of the advantages you get by choosing Good Credit For Life:

  • Reasonable Fees – You pay a fee upfront and know exactly what you will get in return. Our pricing is transparent and fair to help you get the most value you can.
  • Custom Services – Each and every person we work with receives a customized approach built around their unique circumstances and goals.
  • End-to-End Assistance – Unlike the credit consolidation companies, we don’t ignore you after a few weeks. You can rely on us to provide all the help you need whenever you need it, forever, if you wish.
  • Fast Results – Credit consolidation is notoriously slow to produce results. We rely on strategies that positively impact your credit as quickly as possible.
  • Ethical Practices – Thanks to our rigorous commitment to excellence, you never have to worry about the process being professionally completed. We always put your best interests first.

If you have reservation about credit consolidation, Good Credit For Life offers a better alternative. Contact us today to learn more about what we have done for so many great people, just like you.