Are You At Risk For Identity Theft?

Rates of identity theft have exploded in recent years. According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2015 an estimated $15 billion was stolen from 13.1 million U.S. consumers as a result of identity theft. Those numbers are projected to rise in the future. Most alarmingly, the thieves are finding more destructive and less defensible ways to steal money from consumers like you.

Protecting yourself from identity theft has now become a priority for anyone who takes their financial well-being seriously. Unfortunately, keeping yourself safe is a time and labor-intensive process that takes a lot of diligence yet still leaves consumers vulnerable. It can seem like identity theft is a problem without a solution.

You can reduce the risk of identity theft if you take the right steps. And with the right measures in place, you can detect and deflect the consequences of identity theft before they cost you any more than is necessary. Now is the time to make protection a priority.

Causes of Identity Theft

One of the reasons that it’s so hard to safeguard against identity theft is because the threat comes from so many directions at once. At home, at work, and even in your favorite stores. While you are actively online, and even when you are logged out. From sources that look totally legitimate and raise no red flags. Even if you are proactive, it’s incredibly difficult to keep every base covered.

There are a lot of things you can do to prevent instances of identity theft. These include using multiple, complex passwords, never entering sensitive information while on public Wi-Fi networks, and being very cautious when responding to unexpected or unsolicited emails.

Even if you take all these steps, and a dozen more, you are still at risk of identity theft. And the safety measures you rely on now might not provide the same level of protection a year from now. That is why you need to have a contingency in place should you ever be impacted by identity theft.

Identity Theft Resolution from Good Credit For Life

There is a strong link between identity theft and credit problems. People who are victims of identity theft often face reductions in their credit rating, damage to their reputation as a borrower, and possibly mountains of debt for which they are not responsible.

To help when these unfortunate circumstances arise, we offer credit monitoring services to all of our clients. If there is any kind of change made to your credit report, you are notified immediately. That way, if the change is a result of identity theft, you can act swiftly. We also offer credit counseling services to help you figure out what steps to take to restore your credit and insulate you from consequences.

There are many places for victims of identity theft to turn. But many rely on Good Credit For Life because we make the following commitments to our clients:

  • Direct Pricing – Rather than asking you to pay for a bunch of hidden fees and surprise costs on an ongoing basis, we provide you with a complete invoice before your services even start, and a plan to pay for it over time.
  • Personalized Protection – Our team will work closely with you to develop a customized plan to protect you from any instances of identity theft.
  • Complete Response – We provide more of the insights, information, and assistance you’re looking for so that you don’t have to seek out other sources.
  • Prompt Response – In the event that identity theft is detected, you will be instantly alerted so that small problems don’t have the opportunity to become big ones.
  • Ethical Practices – The last thing you want is to be the victim to a second scam. We are committed to rigorously ethical practices in everything we do so that you can feel confident you’re acting wisely and responsibly.

If you have been assuming that you can’t or won’t be the victim of identity fraud, think again. Cybersecurity has been shown to be partially effective at best. With so many available targets out there, the criminals behind identity theft are unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Make sure that you and your finances are kept safer by working with the team at Good Credit For Life.